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Garden bins

To help meet recycling targets and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, North Norfolk District Council is offering residents the opportunity to register for a garden waste collection.

The scheme has proved very popular and there are currently well over 17,500garden bins in use throughout the district.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, by calling our Customer Services Team at Kier on 0300 123 1163.

Once our Garden Waste Team has received your request and processed your payment they will arrange the delivery of your new Garden Bin. You will then receive a payment request annually.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for the Garden bin service.

How does it work?

Residents joining the scheme will receive a 240-litre brown bin free of hire charge and only pay for the fortnightly collection. The annual charge for collection is just 44.20 for 2016/17 (pro rata if you join part way through the year).

Please note that the charge simply covers the cost of collection, as there is no charge for residents taking compostable materials to any recycling centre in North Norfolk.

What can go in the brown bin?

  • Grass cuttings, weeds, leaves
  • Flowers, plants, vegetable tops
  • Hedge clippings, twigs, bark
  • Small branches
  • Christmas trees
  • Shredded paper

Currently you are not able to dispose of kitchen waste (e.g. vegetable peelings etc.) in the brown bin.

Any additional garden waste placed alongside the brown bin will not be collected. Please be careful not to fill the bin so it is too heavy to move.

Garden waste must not be put into either of the green or grey bins provided under the Twin Bin collection service.

What happens to the waste?

All compostable material collected by North Norfolk District Council is composted at ORM in Edgefield or NEWS site at Marsham.

Bags of compost produced from waste organic material collected in North Norfolk are distributed at a handful of promotional events during the year, for example at the annual Greenbuild event at Felbrigg Hall.

Compost can also be purchased at Recycling Centres across the County (not including Mile Cross in Norwich).

Missed collections

If you think that your bin has been missed, please contact us using the details in the sidebar. We collect any misses as soon as possible.

Your bins should be placed at the edge of your property, with the handles of the bin facing the road, by 7am on the day the collection is due.

Extra recyclables can be left in a clear plastic bag or cardboard box next to the household recycling bin for collection; however the crew will not collect any additional bags of waste left next to the household waste or garden bins.

Missed collections for recyclable and general waste must be reported to us within 5 working days of the collection due date and for garden bins within 2 working days. If you think that your bin has been missed, please contact us using the details in the sidebar. We collect any misses as soon as possible.

Please note that bins will not be emptied if they are:

  • Overweight
  • Contaminated i.e. contain inappropriate waste
  • Not at the correct collection point
  • Inaccessible to the crew

If any of the above applies you will be required to rectify the problem before the next scheduled collection date, at which time the crew will collect the waste.