What was the North Norfolk Pathfinder?

In 2009 the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs (Defra) invited local authorities to apply to an £11 million funded Coastal Change Pathfinder Programme. The Programme is a ‘road test’ for local authorities to explore ways of helping coastal communities plan and adapt to coastal change.

NNDC were successful in securing the largest amount of funding (£3 million) to trial its projects.  The projects began in January 2010 and ran until completed in 2012.

The North Norfolk Pathfinder trialled a range of initiatives and evaluated their effectiveness, the issues faced and lessons learnt and then to reported these back to Defra.  This information is now available to inform future government coastal policies.

Whilst implementing the Pathfinder projects some issues which affect individuals and communities were tackled, unfortunately the projects were not created to enable everyone’s needs to be met.

Coastal Pathfinder Evaluation

Defra's evaluations of all the Pathfinders completed by Local Authorities are available to download.

North Norfolk District Council also completed its own internal evaluation and this has been incorporated into this website.  

The north Norfolk evaluation compares what we set out to do, the achievements and the lessons learnt. A print version of the north Norfolk evaluation is also available.

A quick overview presentation of the north Norfolk programme outlining the outcomes and lessons learnt is available.

What is Coastal Change?

For further information on coastal change please visit the NNDC and Environment Agency coastal web pages.