Payment for the following services can be made online here.

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Sundry Invoices
  • Garden Waste
  • Housing Benefit Overpayments 

When making payments online your details are transmitted in a secure and confidential way.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

» Make an online payment

Please note that:

  • Credit cards are not accepted for online payments for Council Tax and Business Rates.
  • Credit and Debit cards can be used for sundry invoices and Housing Benefit Overpayment.
  • Debit cards are accepted for all payments.
  • Diners Cards and American Express are not accepted.

Garden Bin Collection Service

You can now pay for the Garden Bin Collection Service online via the Kier website.

Please note that:

  • New orders for garden bins must be made by phone on 0300 123 1163
  • Credit card payments for the Garden Bin Collection Service will be subject to a 1.3% surcharge
  • There is no surcharge in place for debit card payments
  • Payments by phone or by post must be made directly to Kier Street Services as detailed on your invoice
  • If your payment address is different to the address where the Garden Bin is used, please ensure that both addresses are provided where requested on the payment page

» Pay for Garden Bin Collection Service online

Direct Debit - for Council Tax, Business Rates & Housing Benefit Overpayments

Payment by Direct Debit is the most cost-effective and secure way for you to pay your Council Tax or Business Rates. It is also by far the cheapest method of payment for the council to administer, allowing us to make better use of public funds.

All you need is a bank or building society account, your Council Tax or Business Rate payments will automatically be taken from your account without you having to worry about dealing with it yourself. No more trips to the high street and having to queue to pay!

You can be reassured in the knowledge that every Direct Debit is protected by three main safeguards:

  • An immediate money back guarantee from the bank or building society if an error is made.
  • Advance notice from us should there be any change to the date or the amount of the Direct Debit.
  • The right to cancel at any time.

If you wish to pay your Council Tax, Business Rates or Housing Benefit Overpayment by Direct Debit please download a form below:

Alternatively call us the following number and we will set this up over the phone for you:

  • for Council Tax ring 01263 516071
  • for Business Rates ring 01263 516110
  • for Housing Benefit Overpayments ring 01263 516309

By Phone (Currently Council Tax, Business Rates & Housing Benefit Overpayments Only)

To pay via the phone using your debit card please call our 24 Hour Automated Payment Line on 0300 123 1109.

  • Ensure you quote the relevant account number and give your debit card details. 

  • We are able to accept: Visa debit, MasterCard, Solo, Electron, Maestro.
  • Please allow 5 working days for your payment to be processed to ensure that the payment reached your account by the due date shown on your bill.

Sundry Invoices ONLY can be paid by telephoning 01263 516072 or 516294

By Mail

Please do not send cash through the post.

For security reasons, we do not accept cash payments of Council Tax by post.  Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to "North Norfolk District Council".   Please write your Council Tax account reference on the back of the cheque or postal order and send it at least 3 days before the payment is due to the following address:

North Norfolk District Council
Council Offices
Holt Road
NR27 9EN

Receipts will not be issued for postal payments unless you enclose a stamp addressed envelope.