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Planning Policy

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for preparing documents setting out the Councils approach to the management of development in the District. This involves preparing plans containing policies and proposals that set out what can be built and where. There are two main levels of planning guidance:

  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) - The National Planning Policy Framework was published in March 2012, consolidating a range of previously issued documents. Local authorities must take the contents of the NPPF into account when preparing plans and considering planning applications.
  • Local Development Framework (LDF) - This is a series of documents that sets out how your local area may change over the next few years. A LDF is often referred to as ‘the Development Plan’ or ‘Local Plan’.
    The planning policies which guide planning decisions in North Norfolk are contained in the Core Strategy, and new development locations are shown in the Site Allocations document.
    • North Norfolk Local Plan - Work has commenced on production of a new Local Plan. This will replace the Local Development Framework. It is estimated that the Local Plan will be in place by 2018.

               Other relevant plans:

Additionally, the team has the responsibility to continue with the development of policy and related advice including preparation of Development Briefs, Planning Obligations and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy), review of Government policies (Localism), Neighbourhood Planning, corporate projects, working with neighbouring authorities and various outside organisations, consultation, monitoring, and providing policy advice to the Development Management service.

Please see the Local Development Framework


More details on the current system of Planning is contained within:
  • Planning Portal Website
  • Planning Aid offer free, independent general planning advice for individuals and community groups. Support is available, for example, in understanding the plan making process, how to comment on a development proposal or create a neighbourhood plan. For further information see the Planning Aid Leaflet.

Unfortunately the Council is unable to provide Ordnance Survey maps to the public, businesses or non-public sector organisations. There are a range of suppliers who are licensed to sell maps which can be found on the Planning Portal website.

Public Sector organisations (including Parish and Town Councils) can access high quality Ordnance Survey map data for free by signing up to the Public Sector Mapping Agreement PSMA. For information on eligibility and how to sign up, please see: