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Planning Policy

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for preparing documents setting out the Councils approach to the management of development in the District. This involves preparing plans containing policies and proposals that set out what can be built and where. There are two main levels of planning guidance:

  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) - The National Planning Policy Framework was published in March 2012, consolidating over two-dozen previously issued documents called Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPG). The Framework is a key part of the Coalition Government reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible, to protect the environment and to promote sustainable growth. Local authorities must take the contents of the NPPF into account when preparing plans and considering planning applications.

    In response to the publication of the NPPF, the Council is considering how it may impact on the application of existing adopted policies.
  • Local Development Framework (LDF) - This is a series of documents that sets out how your local area may change over the next few years. A LDF is often referred to as ‘the Development Plan’ or ‘Local Plan’. The planning policies which guide planning decisions in North Norfolk are contained in the Core Strategy Development Plan document and proposals for new development over the next 10-15 years are shown in the Site Allocations Development Plan document. Other adopted documents are detailed below in the 'Current Adopted Policy & Guidance' section.

Other relevant plans:
Minerals & Waste Local Development Framework (Norfolk County Council)
Broads Local Plan for parts of North Norfolk within the Broads Authority area.

Major Developments
In 2011 a Major Developments Team was formed with a combination of staff from the Planning Policy and Development Management sections. the team processes all planning applications relating to sites allocated for development in the Site Allocations Development Plan and other larger scale residential proposals.

Additionally, the team has the responsibility to continue with the development of policy and related advice including preparation of Development Briefs, Planning Obligations and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy), review of Government policies (Localism), corporate projects, working with neighbouring authorities and various outside organisations, consultation, monitoring, and providing policy advice to the Development Management service.


Core Strategy

Core Strategy - The Core Strategy is a major Development Plan Document which provides the overarching approach for development in North Norfolk. It sets out a long-term spatial vision, objectives and policies to guide public and private investment up to 2021. The document includes a set of Development Control policies which are used to assess individual planning applications. All new development proposals should accord with the Core Strategy. 



Site Allocations

Site Allocations - This Development Plan Document identifies which sites should be developed in order to achieve the broad aims of the Core Strategy. It includes allocations for new housing, employment, retail and other development, together with other uses of land such as parks and open space. 



Proposals Map

Proposals Map - A series of maps are available which should be read in conjunction with the Core Strategy document. The Proposals Map shows geographically where the policies in the Core Strategy apply. The maps consist of a Proposals Map covering the whole district, a map key and 24 separate inset maps covering in greater detail the Principal, Secondary, Service Village and Coastal Service Village settlements. An additional map shows the areas relating to Core Strategy Policy HO9, Conversion & Re-use of Rural Buildings as Dwellings.


Design Guide

Design Guide - A Supplementary Planning Document produced to support the Core Strategy. The document provides further guidance and background information on North Norfolk Core Strategy policies, in particular Policy EN4 Design and EN6 Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency. It also offers advice and support to anyone involved or interested in the design or alteration of the built environment in North Norfolk, with the objective of raising the quality of design in the District.


Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment - Prepared to help implement Core Strategy policies, particularly Policy EN2 Protection and Enhancement of Landscape and Settlement Character. The LCA provides a detailed assessment of the features and elements which make up the distinctive landscapes of North Norfolk. It maps the landscape of the District into two levels - Types and Areas. These areas demonstrate a similar character of appearance, history and ecology, and the LCA describes them and evaluates their condition and ability to adapt to change.




Coastal Erosion Development Control Guidance - This document provides guidance for developers, and those determining planning applications, on the nature of development that is likely to be appropriate within the Coastal Erosion Constraint Area (as shown on the Proposals Map).


Further Information
More details on the current system of Planning is contained within:



Requests for Maps
Unfortunately the Council is unable to provide Ordnance Survey maps to the public, businesses or non-public sector organisations. There are a range of suppliers who are licensed to sell maps which can be found on the Planning Portal website.

Public Sector organisations (including Parish and Town Councils) may obtain maps from North Norfolk District Council or Ordnance Survey for their business use but may need to sign a Contractors Licence. Please contact Rebecca Domek (GIS Coordinator) on 01263 516355 for further information.