If you are looking for statements and maps presenting the policy options, and the implications for individual locations, please view the SMP 6 - Documents page.

If you would like to find out what Shoreline Management Plans are please view the Shoreline Management Plans page before progressing further.

In 1996 Council adopted the two Shoreline Management Plans (SMP) that cover its administrative frontage. These were the Snettisham to Sheringham SMP (Sub-cell 3a) and the Sheringham to Lowestoft SMP (Sub-cell 3b). In 2002, in advance of the preparation of new guidance from Defra, a review was commenced of SMP 3b for a modified frontage, Kelling to Lowestoft. That revised Plan appeared in draft in 2004 to much public disquiet and concern.

It should be noted that SMP3b was later renamed SMP6 following a decision to renumber SMP's sequentially from the North East of England.

North Norfolk District Council agreed in September 2007 that a revised SMP is accepted conditionally and that the Government be urged to include a wider economic appraisal, implement Integrated Coastal Zone Management and undertake research into the effects of intermittent defences.

In 2009, a revised version of the SMP, and a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA which is required by European legislation) was subject to consultation.

As some further changes were made following the 2009 consultation, the SEA was reviewed and updated. There was then a statutory requirement to re-consult on the amended SEA. This consultation was completed between February and April 2012 and the consultation responses were considered.

North Norfolk District Council, Waveney District Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council all adopted the SMP subject to Environmental Agency approval in the summer of 2012. Final Environment Agency approval was granted in the autumn of 2012.

SMP's are working documents and will be implemented and monitored through their Actions Plans. Details of the SMP6 Action Plan is available on this website.

Where do I Start?

The best place to begin to understand SMP6 is by viewing the Non Technical Summary. This document explains the background to the SMP, how it was developed and overviews the policies.

There is a great deal of information in the SMP documentation and therefore time and care will need to be taken to understand the processes, policies and plan.