Property Alterations

Conservation areas have extra planning controls to preserve or enhance their character and protect their settings.

If you live in or own a property within a conservation area you may need permission from the Council before making alterations such as:-

  • Demolishing any building or boundary over 1m high fronting a highway or 2m elsewhere within a conservation area.
  • Substantially alter or build a new structure/boundary.
  • Raising the ridge/expanding the size of a roof or inserting a dormer window.
  • Cladding walls (unless repairing or renewing an existing surface).
  • Installing a satellite dish - on an elevation fronting a highway, on a chimney, and on a building over 15 metres high.
  • Installing, altering or replacing a chimney, flue or vent pipe on a wall or roof on a principal or side elevation fronting a highway.
  • Front, side and two-storey rear extensions.
  • Detached ancillary buildings, garden sheds/stores to the side of a dwelling house.
  • Surfacing and ground works near trees.
  • Works to trees
  • Advertisements – internally illuminated advertisements are unlikely to obtain consent. 

If you’re unsure if planning permission is required please read Is planning permission need?