Scheduled Monuments

North Norfolk currently has 86 Scheduled monuments. These are nationally important archaeological sites and built structures. Most scheduled monuments are earthworks or unoccupied structures, often in a ruinous or semi-ruinous condition. Whilst the majority within the district are in private ownership or occupied, some are open to the public or visible from public footpaths such as Baconsthorpe Castle.

For more information on scheduled monuments please visit the Historic England website

You can search for scheduled monuments using the National Heritage List 

Historic Parks and Gardens

North Norfolk has 33 historic parks and gardens; these are important designed landscapes which have been recognised by Historic England or locally by the Council. They can range from formal gardens to larger planned landscapes and include the following grades of significance:

  • Grade I - one in North Norfolk at Holkham Hall
  • Grade II* - seven in North Norfolk including Melton Constable Hall
  • Grade II - nine in North Norfolk including The Pleasaunce
  • Unregistered - sixteen in North Norfolk including Kelling Hall

For more information on registered parks and gardens please visit the Historic England website.

You can search for Registered Parks and Gardens using the National Heritage List

Locally Listed Buildings

The North Norfolk local list currently includes 190 buildings which have been identified by the Council in collaboration with local communities.

The Local List is essentially a way for the Council and communities to come together and identify those historic buildings and structures which enrich and define the local area.

Whilst Local Listing of buildings sits outside of national listing, it still offers communities the opportunity to recognise the importance of a building as a ‘material consideration’ in the planning process. Local Listing does not introduce any additional powers of control, instead it acts as a means of identification and plays an important role in the assessment of development proposals.

The Council will periodically review the Local List and will consider nominations for inclusion. All nominations will be considered against the Council’s adopted criteria and be subject to consultation with relevant elected councillors.

Last updated: 28th January 2017