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Properties are advertised on any day of the week. Properties which are available to let will be advertised on the Your Choice Your Home website for a minimum period of five days. There is no maximum period for which a property will be open for bids.

We may extend this period on a case by case basis. Each advert will clearly state the date when bids for that property must be received by. Bids should be received by 23:59 on the day that bids close. Bids cannot be accepted after this time. Properties that close on a Friday or Saturday night will be extended to close on the Sunday night so that applicants have the entire weekend to place bids.

Remember, you must be on the housing list to bid for properties. 

How do I bid for properties?

There are 3 ways to bid for properties, click on the links below to explain the bidding procedures.

  1. Bidding by internet
  2. Bidding by text message 
  3. Bidding by mobile app 

Once the bid deadline has passed, bidders are prioritised with applicants placed in order by their assessment, whether they have a connection to North Norfolk, and their 'relevant date'. 

What properties can I bid for?

When you join the housing list your welcome letter will tell you what size of property you can bid for.  Depending on the size of your household you may also be able to bid for smaller properties. 

Also our downloadable guide will help you see what size and type of property you can bid for.

What help is available?

If you need help applying to join the housing list please contact us on 01263 516375 or email or pop in to see us at the Council’s Cromer office and we will be pleased to help.  We can also make bids on behalf of applicants if they cannot make bids for themselves and have no family member, friend or support organisation who could bid on their behalf.  If you need help with this, please state this when you apply to join the housing list or complete and return the auto bidding declaration form or contact us.

Where can I see the property adverts?

Properties are advertised online on the Your Choice Your Home website.

There are three self serve computers in the reception area at the Council’s Cromer office, and a further self serve computer is available at Victory Housing Trust’s office in North Walsham, where applicants can log on to the Your Choice Your Home scheme to view adverts and make bids.  If you need help to use the scheme please ask at the Cromer office for help and we will be pleased to show you how the scheme works.

For more information on where Housing Association properties are located across the district, and what types of property have been let, see the Your Choice Your Home website.

Last updated: 25th July 2018