All taxi drivers must work for a taxi operator of which there are two types:

  • Private hire operator – five yearly licence required by proprietors of private hire vehicles. Private hire operators can also own hackney carriage vehicles but the licence is required for private hire vehicles.
  • Hackney carriage operator – only requires registration and is for life unless surrendered or revoked. Drivers who wish to operate on a ply-for-hire basis or from a tank rank can register as a hackney carriage operator.

The application will be determined within 7 days from the receipt by this authority of an acceptable and complete application.

A copy of the taxi handbook is given to all new licensed taxi drivers. Copies can be purchased from NNDC (see taxi licensing fees) or downloaded below.

New Operator - Private Hire or Hackney Carriage

For a valid application we require ALL the following forms/documentation in order for the application to be processed. Incomplete applications will be returned.

  • Operator New/Renewal Application Form (PDF) 
  • Planning Permission Decision Notice or confirmation from Planning that permission not required 
  • Public Liability Insurance if public have access to operator office.

Renewal Operator - Private Hire

Useful Information