Once you have separated your recyclables, the rest of the household waste you produce should be placed in the grey bin, including cling film and polystyrene.

The more you recycle, the less you will have to place in the grey bin, which is large enough to hold four or five full (but not crammed) black sacks, or their equivalent.

Do not cram or stuff waste into the grey bin, or put so much in that the lid won't close. The bin is emptied mechanically into the lorry, and if rubbish is so jammed in that it won't fall out, the refuse collectors will return the bin to you full.

Any extra waste left beside your grey bin will not be collected. If there are six or more permanent residents in your household, or if a member of your household has a medical condition that results in the creation of additional waste, please contact us to discuss your eligibility for a larger bin.

You may have concerns with regard to the health and hygiene implications of the grey rubbish bin that will be collected fortnightly. However, there will be little smell and no risk to public health if you double wrap food scraps and remains in plastic bags, double wrap nappies, and store the bin out of direct sunlight.