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Date published: 10th May 2016

North Norfolk District Council is preparing a new Local Plan. The Plan will include new planning policies (used in the determination of planning applications) and will allocate areas of land to address the development needs of the District for the period 2016-2036.

The ‘Call for Sites’ provides an opportunity for developers, landowners, Parish & Town Councils, individuals and other interested parties to register land within North Norfolk to be considered as a potential allocated site.

The sites submitted could be for housing (sites capable of accommodating 5+ dwellings), employment, community facilities, open space, renewable energy, car parking or other uses.

The Call for Sites process is not restrictive in relation to where sites are suggested, but it is unlikely that sites proposed in very rural areas will be suitable locations in which to build new homes, or provide new employment. However, the information provided is essential in assessing the available land and to aid us in considering where development should be distributed under the Plan.

Each registered site will be assessed by the Council to establish the potential impact of the proposed development. Once the assessment process is complete, the Council will consider the options and undertake further consultation.

The Call for Sites registration form and guidance notes are available on the council’s website at and all forms should be returned on or before May 31, 2016.

Last updated: 17th May 2017