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Date published: 2nd August 2016

The event will recognise the work of members of the Merchant Navy, including their role in the two world wars and our continuing reliance on modern day merchant seafarers who bring in 95% of our imports including half of the food we eat.

Local dignitaries and youth groups with sea connections will be invited, but there is also a general invitation to all who have connections to the Merchant Navy.

People attending are asked to arrive at the Holt Road offices at 10.45am for an 11am start. A small reception will follow the hoisting of the Red Ensign, which is the UK Merchant Navy's official flag.

The event will be hosted by North Norfolk District Council Chairman John Lee, who has many links with the sea as a working crab fisherman who comes from a family line of sea fishermen and a long heritage with the RNLI.

"Both Cromer and North Norfolk as a whole have a very long and close relationship with the sea and with people who work on or in the sea, whose efforts can sometimes go unrecognised," said Cllr Lee.

"The opportunity to show our respect for a hard working group of people who operate in a difficult environment for all of our benefit is very welcome."

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Last updated: 2nd August 2016