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Date published: 27th September 2016

North Norfolk District Council is investing a further £1.2 million pounds in new facilities on Cromer’s West Promenade to help develop the tourism potential of the town and improve the facilities for the District’s residents.

The District Council is committed to making a number of investments in Cromer to increase the facilities for visitors and residents as part of a four year programme to enhance jobs and the tourism economy.

Investment this year has seen improvements along the West Promenade from the zigzag path to the Melbourne Slope with the refurbishment of the viewing turrets, and path including installation of solar lighting, and external repairs to the Art Deco block costing £110,000 in total. 

The disabled parking has been made fully compliant and its repositioning provides safer, clearer access for all along the prom.

Works are now being taken forward to provide new promenade lighting and arrangements made to install new public toilets, catering kiosk and themed children’s play equipment near the Anglian Water Pumping Station next Spring ready for the 2017 summer season.

As part of the improvements to the West Promenade, the Council is now seeking a private investor to help bring the Art Deco block to life and realise its commercial potential.

Cllr John Rest, Cabinet Member for Assets said: “We are seeking a private sector partner to take the Art Deco block onto the next stage and ensure it is a viable business proposition helping to draw visitors and local residents to this part of the town.”

Adverts are going out this week to highlight the business potential of the building to find someone who can provide further investment to fit out the facility and offer a unique and unrivalled facility for all visitors to the promenade.

Cllr Rest added: “We are looking to encourage innovation and build a tourist destination which is unrivalled on the east coast. At this stage we are open minded as to the potential use of the site and keen to ensure that the successful proposal will serve all visitors to the West Promenade and help to improve the district’s tourism offer and extend the tourist season.”


Last updated: 9th May 2017