Date published: 6th December 2016

The District Council today invited seated exercise attendees from classes in Cromer, Sheringham and Holt to enjoy afternoon tea together.

More than 30 people turned up to the celebration at the Council’s Cromer offices.

Wyn Nurse, Senior Sports Activator and organiser of the seated exercise classes said: “We wanted to get all these great people together to enjoy an afternoon chatting and finding more like-minded people. The Council also wanted to thank these loyal attendees to the seated exercise classes who come week after week and join in with such a fun and lively outlook.”

The exercise classes, held in public libraries in Cromer, Sheringham and Holt, are designed to support people who have trouble doing standing exercise or who enjoy a gentle work-out while sitting down.

Ann North Graves, 80, of Roughton attends the exercise classes in Cromer Library.

She said: “I started the classes because I couldn’t do any other form of exercise. It strengthens your muscles and you have great fun at the same time. A lot of the time we’re laughing and that in itself is good for your health!

“We can’t speak highly enough of the classes and the people running them, it’s a pleasure to go.”

And Ann Payne, 76, of Cromer, said: “This tea has been a lovely surprise, it’s brilliant and we are getting to meet people from the other classes.”

This year’s classes will come to an end before Christmas, but the timetable for 2017 will be released soon.

Cllr Becky Palmer Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “We have seen superb attendance at our seated exercise classes this year, and the feedback we’ve been getting is very positive.

“We just wanted to say thank you to all those who have come along and benefitted from the classes, bringing with them huge enthusiasm, warmth and good humour.”

For more information about the classes please contact Wyn.Nurse@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Last updated: 24th January 2017