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Date published: 3rd November 2017

Last week's announcement of the £500,000 from the 2017/18 Business Rates Pool is on top of £500,000 from NNDC; £500,000 from the local level by the Regional Flood and Coast Defence Committee (Eastern); and £120,000 from the National Natural Flood Management Fund.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said: “The aim of the Business Rates Pool is to fund Norfolk projects with strategic impact. There was a lot of competition and for North Norfolk to secure £500,000 is fantastic news.

“There were 34 applications received from right across Norfolk, at a total value of £6.2m, significantly more than the funding available. The fund is split between three key categories – early development, technical detail and strategic impact with some applications spanning more than one category, that’s why it is such a good news story that NNDC has been successful in securing £500,000 for this project.”

A further bid for £1 million pounds will be made to the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership in the coming weeks, following the approval of the LEP’s growth strategy.

The innovative project would use natural processes to reduce coastal flood and erosion risk. It would involve ‘sandscaping’ the shoreline, in front of the terminal and down the coast; effectively using high volumes of sand to protect the coast.  The volume of sand is approximately equal to 200 Carrow Road football pitches covered 1 metre deep in sand, or 1.5 million cubic metres. This would be the first time a project of this scale has been delivered in the UK.

It is estimated that the total cost of the scheme will be £17 million to £19 million pounds, which includes £4.8m - £7m to fund the village element of the scheme.

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Last updated: 8th November 2017