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Date published: 1st December 2017

The rubbish, recycling and green garden waste collection services will change on the following dates this Christmas and New Year.

Normal collection day   Revised collection day
Monday 01/01/2018   Wednesday 03/01/2018
Tuesday 02/01/2018   Thursday 04/01/2018
Wednesday 03/01/2018   Friday 05/01/2018
Thursday 04/01/2018   Saturday 06/01/2018
Friday 05/01/2018   Monday 08/01/2018
Monday 08/01/2018   Tuesday 09/01/2018
Tuesday 09/01/2018   Wednesday 10/01/2018
Wednesday 10/01/2018   Thursday 11/01/2018
Thursday 11/01/2018   Friday 12/01/2018
Friday 12/01/2018   Saturday 13/01/2018

This information can also be seen online at Simply enter your postcode, select your property name, and download the Bin Collection calendar.

Last updated: 3rd January 2018