Your vote matters, make sure you're in

Date published: 19th January 2017

More than 2,500 people defined as ‘long-term absent voters’ will receive letters later this month from North Norfolk District Council asking them to return a form showing their fresh signature.

The letters will be sent out from 19 January to postal voters and anyone who has a postal proxy vote, whose signatures have been held for more than five years and not updated in that time. Anyone in this category who wants to remain an ‘absent voter’ will need to send in a new signature.

Returning the completed form by 2 March will ensure absent voters remain eligible to vote by post in future elections. However, reminder notices will be sent to those who have not returned their form by 9 February. If the deadline of 2 March is missed, their right to an absent vote will be removed and they will be required to complete a new absent voter application form if they wish to vote by post in the future.

Anyone with concerns about the process should contact Electoral Services at or by telephone on 01263 516046.

Last updated: 4th October 2017