Date published: 17th November 2017


North Norfolk’s first community fridge has had a successful first week.

The Fakenham fridge, based at First Focus on Oak Street, saw more than 45kg of food come in and more than 35kg of food taken away to be used by members of the public.

The fridge is open four half days a week to enable residents and businesses to share surplus food for free. Anyone can help themselves to free quality food that would otherwise have been wasted.

If the fridge is used at the same rates as the first week, it will mean nearly two tonnes of food will be reused per year.

But that figure is likely to be even greater as people learn where the fridge is, its opening hours and how to use it.

North Norfolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr Annie Claussen-Reynolds said: “The first week of activity of the Fakenham community fridge has been very welcome indeed.

“It would be very pleasing to see the weekly weights increase as businesses and the public come to learn about the fridge’s existence and how straight forward it is to use it.

“The first week saw a range of goods being brought in and taken away, including bread, fruit, soup, cheese, milk and vegetables.

“The project highlights a range of issues around food waste, supports a strong sense of community spirit and feeds people without wastage.”

First Focus is open Monday to Wednesday 9am to 1pm and Thursday 9am to 3pm.

Last updated: 17th November 2017