Artists impression of Highfield Road Development

Date published: 22nd August 2017

North Norfolk District Council is proposing the sale of the car park for residential accommodation for the over 55s and is asking for views on the proposals and what should be done with the money raised from any sale.

Cllr Judy Oliver, Cabinet Member for Asset Commercialisation said: “By 2020 the District Council’s grant from Government will be down to zero and we want to make sure we use our assets for the benefit of the community.

“By proposing a sale of the land for residential development we would not only provide more homes for people to live in, we would also raise useful funds. Our focus is on how the money raised could be used to attract future investment into Fakenham and boost its economy. For example, the funds could be invested in Fakenham public toilets, or provide support for start-up businesses in the town or be invested in the area overall.” 

Residents, shoppers, visitors and business owners with an interest in Fakenham have been invited to go online to view the detailed information and then complete the survey.

Last updated: 2nd November 2018