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Date published: 2nd October 2017

North Norfolk will play host to two of the Moongazer Hares planned for a countywide trail next year in aid of the charity Break.

The decision to support the charity was made at a meeting of North Norfolk District Council’s cabinet today.

Break is 50 in 2018. Following the successful GoGoGorillas in 2013 and GoGoDragons in 2015, the charity has devised a new sculpture trail for 2018.

In addition to a Norwich trail of Hare sculptures called GoGoHares, Break is for the first time establishing a countywide ‘Moongazer Trail’. Sponsors are being sought for the event, which will start on 24 June 2018 and run until 8 September 2018.

NNDC have agreed to sponsor two Hares and set aside £15,000 to cover the project.

The Council’s Economic Growth Team will also help promote the initiative in order to encourage local businesses to sponsor further Moongazer Hares across the District.

It is believed the most suitable locations for the NNDC Moongazer Hares are likely to be Holt Country Park and Bacton Woods.

Cllr Nigel Dixon, NNDC Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Tourism, said: “The advantages are multiple – generating funds for a charity which has long and historic links with North Norfolk, attracting large numbers of visitors to the locations where the hares are sited and benefitting local businesses.

“We will now apply to sponsor the two Moongazer Hares as a Council and, if successful, agree the terms of sponsorship and acquisition, artwork and location.”

Cllr Maggie Prior, NNDC Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, said: “This is an incredibly exciting project for the whole county from a cultural point of view, appealing to families and people of all ages.

“We would love to see a hotspot of several hares created in North Norfolk, with ‘our’ two being just part of a greater number in the district.”

The trails will start on 24 June 2018 and run until 8 September 2018 and there will be an app for each trail and a map available to download. There will be a reward for completing the entire trail – each plinth will have a 4-digit code to collect.

All of the city trail hares will have their ears pointing upwards, whereas all of the county trail hares will be looking up to the sky – or gazing up at the moon – with their ears flat against their backs.

View the relevant cabinet papers.

For more about the wider GoGoHares project visit http://www.gogohares.co.uk/

Last updated: 11th October 2017