NNDC Reception (2)

Date published: 1st December 2017

The onshore impact of the proposed Norfolk Vanguard offshore windfarm development will be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet at North Norfolk District Council on Monday 4 December.

A range of public speakers will air their views about the onshore element of the project as part of the meeting in advance of a debate by councillors.

The meeting will lead to a response by the Council to the Preliminary Environmental Information Report prepared by Vattenfall in support of its windfarm proposal.

One of the key discussion points will be around the different infrastructure needs associated with the two different potential transmission methods between the turbine field and the National Grid infrastructure - High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) or High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). The decision around which transmission method to use has not yet been made. The HVDC transmission system does not require cable relay stations, whereas the HVAC transmission system does.

The windfarm has to be linked up to the National Grid by way of a landfall and onshore cabling system.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of the Council, said: “There are well defined views in the community and here at the Council that the relay stations would be totally out of character with this relatively intact, historic and highly valued landscape.

“We also share many of the local residents’ concerns about the effectiveness of engagement by Vattenfall in relation to this proposal.

“Monday provides a crucial opportunity for residents to have their say about the impact of the project.

“We will ensure the community has a strong and robust opportunity to give its views so that people have a clear voice on this project.

“We are expecting a range of speakers from the communities of Happisburgh, East Ruston and Ridlington and they will be listened to carefully.

“This Council has previously indicated its support for offshore wind developments off the North Norfolk coast in terms of the contribution such developments make to UK energy supply.

“However, we have serious concerns over the potential environmental impact of elements of the proposed Norfolk Vanguard scheme.”

Norfolk Vanguard is an offshore wind farm proposal, developed by Vattenfall, which would be located approximately 47km north-east of Winterton. It would have a capacity of greater than 100MW and is therefore a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project as defined by the Planning Act 2008.

Vattenfall is also developing proposals for a second development, Norfolk Boreas, to the north-east of the Norfolk Vanguard scheme. Norfolk Boreas would have a similar generating capacity and, combined, the two schemes would be one of the largest offshore wind developments in the world.

Proposals for the Norfolk Boreas scheme are approximately a year behind the Norfolk Vanguard proposals and will be subject to separate public consultation and consenting processes.

View the detailed cabinet report.

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