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Date published: 5th March 2018

Update to this available here -

North Norfolk District Council’s contractors Kier have begun the catch up of bin collections around the district following last week’s severe weather, which resulted in three days of cancelled collections.

Bins will be collected in the following way:

  • If you missed a black bin collection last week (ie February 28th, March 1st or March 2nd), those catch up collections have begun today, Monday March 5th, and will continue until the middle of the week. We will start collecting missed bins in date order starting with those missed on Wednesday February 28th. Please leave your bin out in the usual place until it is collected. If your collection was delayed, you can leave a reasonable amount of ‘extra’ bagged up waste next to your bin and it will be collected.
  • If your green bin is due to be collected this week, the first day it will be collected is on Thursday because priority is being given to missed black bins. Please leave your green bin out from Thursday until it is collected.
  • If you missed a green bin collection last week (ie February 28th, March 1st or March 2nd), there will be no catch ups of these because of the need to prioritise both missed and planned black bin collections. Your green bin will instead be collected on the next due date. If you have more recycling than fits in your bin, please put that recycling inside secured, clear bags and place those bags next to your green bin. You can also use empty cardboard boxes in addition to clear bags. 
  • If your black bin is due to be collected this week, it should be collected on the normal day.

There is no need to report your bin as missed as we have made a note of all areas where crews need to return to.  Please also note that crews will be working on Saturday in order to catch up rounds.

We will keep our website and social media updated to reflect any significant changes to this plan.

Last updated: 13th March 2018