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Date published: 19th December 2018

Photo shows how the coastline at Bacton and Walcott would look after Sandscaping

The construction contractor for building the multi-million pound Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management (Sandscaping) Scheme has been chosen.

A meeting of North Norfolk District Council’s Full Council this evening agreed to award the main works contract to ‘Bidder D’. The full name of the contractor will be confirmed publicly after a standard ‘standstill’ period.

North Norfolk District Council is leading the Sandscaping scheme in collaboration with the Bacton Terminal Operators to protect nationally important infrastructure and benefit local communities.

Bidder D was considered to have submitted the best bid in terms of price and quality.

The Sandscaping scheme will see up to 1.8 million cubic metres of sand placed on to the beaches covering a 5.7km length starting north-west of Bacton Gas Terminal and ending to the south-eastern extent of Walcott.

This would be made up of:

  • Approximately 1 million cubic metres in front of Bacton Gas Terminal
  • Between 0.5 and 0.8 million cubic metres in front of the villages of Bacton and Walcott.

Estimated scheme costs are between £17 million and £22 million.

The scheme is a collaboration between North Norfolk District Council, the Bacton Terminal Operators, the Environment Agency and a range of other contributors.

The project would create significantly bigger beaches, improved beach access and better protection from the sea for the gas terminal and the villages of Bacton and Walcott. Over time there could be benefits to other villages along the coastline.

Cllr Sarah Bütikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “I am delighted that Full Council has supported the awarding of this contract.

“It’s a very important piece of work both for nationally important infrastructure and for our coastal communities, which have felt the effects of coastal erosion for a long time. This is a unique opportunity to give them some added protection.”

Cllr John Lee, Leader of the Conservative Group at North Norfolk District Council, said: “I am enormously supportive of this very exciting project.

“As well as protecting our coastline, it is going to become a significant tourist attraction both during construction and when finished. I am looking forward to it starting and will be very interested to watch progress.”

Cllr John Rest, Leader of the Independent Group at North Norfolk District Council, said: “The unanimous decision taken to proceed with this project by the Council shows a very confident and forward thinking plan.

“I hope the security of these works gives comfort to the coastal communities.”

Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, said: “The Bacton to Walcott Sandscaping scheme is a great example of using nature based solutions to provide climate resilience on the coast.

“It’s an innovative project. It protects national infrastructure and the coastal community, and shows how different organisations from the private and public sector can work together.

“I look forward to seeing the scheme in action and sharing what we learn.”

Sinead Lynch, Shell UK Country Chair, on behalf of the Bacton Terminal operators, said: “It is very encouraging to have reached this important milestone.

“We are a step closer to implementing this sustainable and innovative scheme, which will protect the terminal and nearby communities from coastal erosion.”

The Full Council meeting also saw an agreement reached whereby the Council will become a partner in an EU 2 Seas INTERREG project. This seeks to raise further funds, meaning more sand could be added to the project.

This week has also seen another key decision in the Sandscaping scheme, with the granting of the necessary Marine Licence by the Marine Management Organisation.

Subject to securing all the necessary permissions and consents, works would likely take place over Spring and Summer 2019.

Last updated: 19th December 2018