Rogue Trader

Date published: 16th January 2018

Residents are being warned of another scam, with rogue traders attempting to persuade them to sign up for “free” boiler replacements.

North Norfolk District Council has been contacted by homeowners who have been approached with the offer of free LPG boilers to replace their existing oil boilers. People are being told that the government or NNDC is funding the scheme, but in reality no such programme exists.

Residents in Ludham and Bacton are among those who have been approached.

Giving these people access to your home is risky in itself. And because there is no such boiler-replacement scheme, homeowners who agree to this work are likely to find out subsequently that there is going to be a bill after all – but only once the existing boiler has been removed and the pressure to get the work completed has increased.

Even if the job is ultimately completed, businesses that operate in this way are unlikely to have the correct accreditation or offer adequate guarantees for their work.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said: “Unfortunately, there are always going to be unscrupulous people who try to prey on the vulnerable or those who are unsure of the law. There is no scheme offering free replacement boilers, and North Norfolk residents should not allow con artists to persuade them otherwise.”

The issue has also been flagged up by Norfolk County Council’s Trading Standards department, which recently sent an email update to people registered with its scam-alert system.

The alert said: “The cold-callers are stating they need a range of personal and financial information to ‘check if you are eligible’ for the scheme. In previous incidents, these types of cold-callers have made claims about ‘government’ or ‘local council backing’ for the alleged scheme and have photographed documents and paperwork if offered on mobile phones.”

It added that people approached in this way should not give or confirm any personal or financial information but should report the incident via Citizens Advice on 03454 040506 or to the police by calling 101.

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Last updated: 16th January 2018