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Date published: 18th October 2018

Day four of Empty Homes Week focuses on a property in Sheringham that had started to deteriorate with age and was in need of urgent attention.

Structural cracks to the front of the property suggested a potential for serious problems. The property was poorly insulated; the only heating was generated by open fires in the main rooms.

The owners of the property approached the Council at the point the property became empty after a 25-year tenancy came to an end. Both the owners and the Council shared a vision of turning the property into an affordable home.

The owners enlisted the services of an experienced local builder and met with the Council’s Empty Homes Manager and began planning how to transform the house. The builder investigated the cracks and discovered the subsidence was due to a long-term cracked drain that could easily be repaired.  Insulation to the internal walls to heat the home.

Many of the rooms, including the kitchen were modernised, transforming the home.  After structural work was completed it was decided that an affordable heating could be installed.  This decision has paid off and the tenancy has now run more than two years after the initial investment.

Last updated: 19th October 2018