Date published: 16th April 2019

North Norfolk District Council can confirm that works have been completed to remove a significant amount of protective material from Bacton cliffs over the past week.

A minimum coverage of protection will remain temporarily on the lower levels of the cliff to ensure the successful delivery of the Bacton to Walcott Sandscaping project and to ensure that sand martins are not disturbed while the works take place.

The project, five years in project development since the devastating coastal tidal surges and subsequent floods of 2013 and 2017, will help to protect hundreds of people’s homes, local businesses and nationally important infrastructure for many years to come.

Monitoring will continue to take place three times a day, with further advice and surveys by the site team and ecologists.

This decision has been reached following further discussions today, Tuesday April 16th, with the RSPB and Natural England.



Last updated: 16th April 2019