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Date published: 15th May 2019

A second polling station will be used for part of the Mundesley electorate at the EU Elections on 23rd May as a result of a closure of the coast road in the village.

Mundesley is usually served by one polling station at the Coronation Hall.

The road closure will be just east of the Trafalgar Court apartments and is being implemented to allow service connections to a new residential development for the two weeks beginning Monday 13th May and Monday 20th May.

During this time the road will be closed to all vehicles, although pedestrian access will be maintained.

Because the alternative route for vehicles is lengthy – approximately four miles via Gimingham – North Norfolk District Council has (for this election only) decided to operate a second polling station in the village at the Mundesley Scout Hut on Gimingham Road to serve approximately 600 electors from the Cromer Road area of the village.

In the eventuality that the closed road is reopened earlier than expected and is open on 23rd May, the Scout Hut polling station arrangements will stay in place.

These arrangements have been outlined at the Annual Parish Meeting held in Mundesley on 13th May.

Letters will also be sent directly to all electors affected by the new polling station.

Last updated: 15th May 2019