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Date published: 29th August 2019

The exploration of North Norfolk’s fascinating coastline continues in the shape of an exciting new video outlining just how much there is to discover along the 36km between Weybourne and Cart Gap and its rich deep history.

Travel back through time to see the sights of where the oldest skeleton of the Steppe mammoth was found in the UK, and learn how it can be brought back to life using the augmented reality feature on the Deep History Coast app.

Take a Hominin family along the Discovery Trail, which will pass by 11 Discovery Points-monolith structures with interactive features used through the app. Walk in the footprints made by Homo Antecessor over 850,000 years ago in Happisburgh, and see if more discoveries can be made by a rock pool rummage, or a snorkel along the chalk reef.

It is an exciting time for the North Norfolk coast now that the past has become more accessible than ever, championed by the many Deep History Coast Ambassadors, a diverse group of local businesses and individuals keen to showcase all that the Deep History Coast has to offer, including all the nearby visitor attractions, so you may find a spot for a cup of tea or a pillow to rest your head after a day of exploring along the way.

To add to the fun, the North Norfolk Information Centre is also set to be refurbished to include a “Discovery Centre” which will offer further digital activities and information.

Why not discover it yourself?

Last updated: 29th August 2019