Date published: 13th February 2019

Ahead of the Town and Parish Council elections to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019, North Norfolk District Council will be holding a briefing for Town and Parish Candidates, Clerks and Chairs at 6pm on Monday 4th March 2019 at the District Council’s offices.

The aim of the briefing is to outline to Parish Council Clerks and Chairs the election process and what they can expect come polling day.

Returning Officer and Head of Paid Service Steve Blatch will give a presentation on the topic that will cover key points such as:

  • Town and Parish Council elections - 4 yearly contested elections
  • Responsibilities of parish clerks to promote election process
  • The election timetable
  • The nominations process and paperwork
  • Candidate eligibility to stand
  • Contested / uncontested election
  • Rules relating to election publicity
  • Postal voting arrangements
  • What happens on the day of poll
  • Count arrangements
  • Co-option to vacant seats
  • Key contacts

Information shared at this briefing will also be available on the Council’s website after the event for people who are unable to attend. This information will appear alongside links to copies of nomination forms and Electoral Commission guidance.

Mr Blatch said: “Town and Parish Councils are an important element of local democracy providing a voice for their local communities in planning new development, protecting the local environment, the provision of local amenities and services, and making their communities better places for their residents.

“Every four years, combined with elections to the District Council, an opportunity exists for people within their communities to stand as parish councillors and this briefing will outline the process of advertising these elections, the paperwork for nominations and how any contested elections will be conducted if more people than the specified number of councillors indicate a willingness to serve on their town and parish council.

“This is community representation and democracy ‘on the frontline’ and town and parish councils across North Norfolk are looking for people with a passion and commitment to make their towns and villages strong and vibrant communities and better places for all; so if you think you have something to contribute to your community please contact your Town and Parish Clerk to learn more about what your parish council does in advance of these elections.”

If you wish to attend, please contact the Council’s Elections Team on 01263 516266 or by email

Last updated: 20th February 2019