Date published: 21st May 2019

North Norfolk District Council and its contractors are continuing to monitor and clean the beaches in the district following the appearance of palm oil along the East Anglian coast.

This natural, edible vegetable oil is non-hazardous to humans but there are concerns dogs can fall ill after eating it.

Our advice to dog owners is that they should always try to prevent their pets from eating anything they find on the beach. North Norfolk’s beaches were officially recognised again recently as being among the cleanest in the country – with six Blue Flags – but this approach is prudent on all beaches at all times.

Our Environmental Services team is continually keeping an eye on the situation and our contractors are cleaning the beaches daily between high tides. But given the natural ebb and flow of the tides, there’s always a risk that more will be washed ashore.

Beach users can safely handle palm oil, and if they choose to collect it they can leave small amounts in any of our litter bins. We will continue to clean the beach on a daily basis, but if beach users come across large accumulations, they can call us on 01263 516189.

Last updated: 21st May 2019