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Date published: 15th May 2019

Photo: North Norfolk District Council’s new Cabinet. Left to right: Greg Hayman, Richard Kershaw, Sarah Bütikofer, Eric Seward, Karen Ward, Andrew Brown, Angie Fitch-Tillett, Virginia Gay and Nigel Lloyd

North Norfolk District Council’s new look Cabinet has been announced following the Local Election of May 2nd.

The Cabinet will be led by Cllr Sarah Bütikofer.

At the first Full Council meeting since the election, members of Cabinet were voted into their posts.

They are:

  • Cllr Sarah Bütikofer: Leader and portfolio holder for Strategy and Corporate Services
  • Cllr Eric Seward: Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Finance
  • Cllr Karen Ward: Portfolio holder for Housing and Planning
  • Cllr Nigel Lloyd: Portfolio holder for Environment
  • Cllr Virginia Gay: Portfolio holder for Culture and Well-being
  • Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett: Portfolio holder for Coastal
  • Cllr Richard Kershaw: Portfolio holder for Economic and Career Development
  • Cllr Greg Hayman: Portfolio holder for Commercialisation and Assets
  • Cllr Andrew Brown: Portfolio holder for Special Projects

Cllr Bütikofer said: “We are committed to North Norfolk District Council being an organisation which listens and engages with its communities.

“I am delighted to announce this new Cabinet, which is made up of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience.

“We will work with environmental sustainability, community engagement and commercial awareness at the heart of everything we do.”

The Cabinet is made up of eight Liberal Democrats and one Independent (Cllr Angie Fitch-Tillett).

Last updated: 15th May 2019