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Date published: 17th April 2020

Former Norwich City stars Adam Drury, Simon Lappin and Ryan Jarvis helped drop off 60 food parcels to North Norfolk District Council community hubs at Cromer and Fakenham today.

The Canaries flew in with the very welcome parcels as part of county-wide support efforts from the football club and its charity partner the Community Sports Foundation (CSF), helping councils to deliver support on the ground to vulnerable residents isolating as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

NNDC Council Leader Sarah Bütikofer and volunteers at our Cromer and Fakenham local co-ordination centres were on hand to receive the parcels – which came with a note from Norwich City Football Club’s joint majority shareholders Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones.

The note read:

“Our community has supported us for so long and now we hope we can support you in this small way. With our love, Michael and Delia and everyone at Norwich City Football Club"

Thanking the football club and CSF for their support, Cllr Bütikofer said:

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Norwich City Football Club for all their support for our community effort It's really good - what we've seen before and what we're seeing again today, is different parts of the community all coming together to support and help those that are vulnerable and are in need.

“The other lovely thing in the boxes is a note from Delia and Michael, we'd like to send our thanks to them and to the CSF for this initiative. It's a fantastic way of getting involved in the local communities.”

Former City defender and Captain Adam Drury said the players and all of their colleagues at Norwich City and CSF were only to happy to help, commenting:

“We've volunteered, working with CSF, they asked if anyone wanted to go out and help with the food delivery and parcels and we jumped at the chance. We're delighted to be here and to help out"

Ian Thornton, Chief Executive of the Community Sports Foundation, added:

“We're working with the County Council and linking in with the local Resilience Forum, just to make sure we do our bit as part of the Canaries Community Project to deliver food packages. Our players, the executive board and our head coach have donated a large sum of money to the project, so we're donating some food to the Cromer and Fakenham Community Hubs and their local communities.

“We're just here to give a bit of help. We've delivered some parcels to some key areas to make sure we can go out and help those who need help. It's a community effort, and we're just pleased to do our bit"

Last updated: 17th April 2020