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Date published: 14th April 2020

The depot, operating out of Cromer, has received aid from Norfolk County Council and generous donations from local businesses, organisations and charities. From this distribution centre, NNDC Volunteers are able to orchestrate and arrange the delivery of this aid to all of the Local Co-Ordination Centres in the district to help the local residents in need.

Among two of the volunteers at the distribution centre in Cromer are Tracy Howard and Adam Laville, who are helping to co-ordinate the aid to North Norfolk's most vulnerable.

Before Easter, Morrisons and local chocolatier Kinnerton graciously donated 400 Easter Eggs, which were delivered to care homes around the district. Today, Holkham Hall & Estate delivered a supply of potatoes - all grown locally on their estate. It is through the tireless efforts of NNDC staff, community volunteers and local volunteer networks that the distribution of aid and food parcels, prescriptions and other necessities has been possible.

Contact NNDC on either the 01263 516000 COVID-19 Helpline, or email address for advice and assistance on:

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If you require medical advice about Coronavirus, visit the NHS 111 Service online. 

Last updated: 17th April 2020