Date published: 29th April 2020

Since March 30, NNDC volunteers have been delivering vital prescriptions to vulnerable and shielded residents across North Norfolk.

Many of the district's residents on the Government shielded list are unable to visit pharmacies or surgeries to collect their prescriptions, some with chronic illnesses or essential medications, with no-one to collect on their behalf.

NNDC's volunteer network has seen a team of volunteers delivering prescriptions all across the region, delivering up to 1000 a week, with two officers delivering 91 in one day. This important service means that no-one has been left without medications they depend on, including cold-storage medicine.

Volunteers collect the prescriptions list from local surgeries and pharmacies and take them to one of the 10 Local Co-Ordination Centres mapped out across North Norfolk. Using the bespoke delivery network, the route is then mapped out and the prescriptions are then collected. The drivers courier the prescriptions to local residents within as little as a 25-minute window – imperative for those who require refrigerated medicine. 

Environmental Contracts Officer Joseph Kenny is one of the drivers doing the prescription runs in the Sheringham area. In a video interview, he described the logistical procedure and the safety precautions drivers take when running medicine to residents.

If you or someone you know of is self-isolating or on the vulnerable and shielded list and would benefit from the prescription delivery service, please fill in our 'vulnerable person' form, call the NNDC COVID-19 telephone number 01263 516000 or email

Last updated: 29th April 2020