Date published: 7th December 2020

North Norfolk District Council is urging residents to shop locally this winter period ahead of Christmas, in an effort to support North Norfolk’s local economy and small businesses through the festive season, after what has been a difficult period for many businesses.

After the second period of lockdown, businesses will be  open throughout December and many shoppers will be eager to complete the Christmas shopping they have not been able to do previously.

Residents are asked to consider supporting the economy in their local towns and consider buying gifts and presents from independent or smaller businesses in the District, many of which have helped their community throughout the COVID pandemic.

The Council will continue to monitor social distancing in the towns and high streets through the winter period. COVID Support Officers will be present, working with businesses to ensure the safety of visitors and staff alike and to help advise on safe queuing where possible.

In previous years, North Norfolk District Council has offered two days free parking in the District towns in the run up to Christmas.

Sadly, following Government Coronavirus guidance, the District Council is not able to offer its usual concession this year, however the Council is offering to provide 2 free days parking in each town in the New Year once conditions start to improve.

The Council is however, prepared to provide 2 free days parking in each town in the new year to support increased footfall in the post-Christmas period.

Cllr. Richard Kershaw, portfolio holder for Sustainable Growth said:

“This Christmas, we ask that you consider shopping closer to home, where your custom will be most appreciated. In doing so, you will be helping to keep North Norfolk safe and providing vital trade for local businesses, many of whom are keen to serve you after a second period of national lockdown.

“Our local businesses have been a great support to the community during the COVID crisis helping deliver supplies to residents and donating to food banks and resilience centres. We can return the favour by shopping locally this Christmas.

I would like to thank residents for their continued support as we move towards Christmas and hopefully towards better times in the Spring.”

Last updated: 8th February 2021