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Date published: 21st July 2020

The Council has launched the North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund, which will award grants to local projects across the district.

The aim of the new North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund, which has environmental and community sustainability at its heart, is to help to ensure the long term future and wellbeing of communities here in North Norfolk.

Having declared a Climate Emergency in April 2019, the new fund was established to reflect the Council’s focus on climate change and environmental improvement. The fund will help to develop new and innovative projects which will help local communities improve their environment as well as their health and social wellbeing.

The previous fund, the ‘Big Society Fund’, was established in 2012 to support local projects for the betterment of North Norfolk and to improve the lives of residents by helping to build stronger communities. The fund, which paid out £1.96m to over 260 community projects has now been retired.

The Sustainable Communities Fund grants will be provided by North Norfolk District Council and are available to support community projects throughout the District, with a total yearly funding of £225,000. The grants will be administered by NNDC, through a grants panel. The panel comprises of elected members that will meet four times a year to award grants of between £1,000 and £15,000 to local eligible capital and revenue projects.

Cllr. Virginia Gay, Portfolio Holder for Culture & Wellbeing said: ‘Our new Sustainable Communities Fund will build upon the strengths of the old fund, but there will be a greater emphasis upon the environment as well as the physical and mental wellbeing of our towns and villages. We're looking forward to many new and imaginative proposals this autumn.’

The closing date for applications to be considered at the first upcoming North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund Panel is Friday 28 August 2020

Applications for grants of under £1,000 will have a shorter, simpler application form. A monthly panel will meet to determine these grants, enabling them to be turned around much more quickly.

Last updated: 22nd July 2020