Date published: 1st July 2020

During last week’s meeting of North Norfolk District Council, a motion was passed supporting a drive to maintain a high standard of food imports into Britain.

The motion, tabled by Councillor Richard Kershaw, was in response to the Government voting against an amendment to UK’s Agricultural Bill that would have guaranteed high standards of food and drink entering this country, post-Brexit. The amendment, which will now pass to the House of Lords, was defeated by 328 votes to 277.

The Council further noted the stance that the National Farmers Union had taken to ensure high standards of food imports were maintained and that they were calling - with other organisations, on the Government and local MPs to introduce into law, regulations and rules that prevent food being imported into the UK that failed to meet the UK’s high standard for the environment, animal welfare and food safety.

Tabling the motion, Cllr. Richard Kershaw proposed:

“On June 12th this year, Government announced the relaxing of border controls on the import of goods and food in the event of Brexit. It is essential to protect local farmers from food and animals entering the country that do not meet UK food and welfare standards at that time.”

Last updated: 2nd July 2020