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Date published: 20th March 2020

The Government has not yet enacted legislation to allow decisions to be made remotely, and we need to continue to meet our statutory obligations. However we can use remote technology to reflect Government guidelines on social distancing and protecting vulnerable people. We will be taking the following approach:

All non-essential, non-decision making committees and working party meetings will be cancelled until further notice.

Public access to the Council offices was restricted to ‘appointments only’ from 18th March and we would ask that the public respect that. We will make arrangements for public access to meetings in other ways.

Cabinet, Development Committee and Licensing Hearings

Cabinet, Development Committee and Licensing sub-committees will continue to meet as usual. Members, if not able or wishing to attend physically at the Council offices, can join the meeting remotely.

Decisions will formally be made on the basis of the emergency delegations and notified in the usual way.

Public access will be through the video/audio file that will be made available following the meeting and members of the public will be able to submit questions in advance as normal. Please check the website for information on how to submit a statement or question for consideration at any of the above meetings.

Individual arrangements will be made for Licensing Hearings.

Democratic Services will be making arrangements with Members and Officers in relation to remote access over the next few day/weeks.

Last updated: 26th March 2020