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Date published: 25th November 2020

North Norfolk District Council is pleased to confirm it is prepared to work closely with the local community and Parish Council in Mundesley regarding the future of the gun emplacement structure along the sea front.

Dating from the 1940s, the emplacement has experienced expected wear due to being a point of local interest and somewhere people might choose to take photos from, and indeed it has been weathered by the elements.

We conducted a structural survey over the summer and commissioned some health and safety works at the end of September, which identified some subsidence in the brick pillars and trip hazards, among other concerns. This led to the decision to carry out some remedial works to make the area safe, and understand that there was potential that the structure may be recommended for demolition.

We recognise this might have caused concern in the local community who appreciate the historical interest of these structures, and want to be clear the works were carried out with the health and safety of residents of visitors wholly in mind. That being said, we fully accept we were remiss in keeping the Parish Council and community notified, which might have gone some way to alleviate any concern, and apologise for this oversight.

Therefore, we look forward to meeting with representatives of the community and Parish Council tomorrow, to discuss options for the future of the structure, with a view to potentially transfer the emplacement to the community.

While the Council has no capital funds which it can provide for the future upkeep of the structures, we hope that we might be able to support the community in terms of providing advice as to potential sources of grant funding. We have also commissioned a further survey to form the basis of future discussions.

Cllr Wendy Fredericks, member for Mundesley, commented: “Since this issue was first brought to my attention by local residents, I have been doing all I can to secure the future of the gun battery, I take the concerns of our community very seriously.

I understand that North Norfolk District Council is very sorry that safety measures it has taken to secure the Mundesley gun battery, are causing so much concern for its future.

NNDC have not said that it is considering demolishing the battery – indeed it would cost a considerable sum of tax payers money to do so which is not fiscally prudent, and would take away this reference to our history.

NNDC would be very happy to gift the battery to the local community for it to maintain and manage into the future. As a responsible authority NNDC have a duty to secure their assets and their safety into the future, and would be very happy to pass the battery into the safe keeping of the local Parish Council or other properly registered local community group.

I have asked that the metal work which held the guns originally be kept safe.  NNDC will talk with Mundesley Parish Council  as to what they would like to see done with them.

 My position has been made very clear that Mundesley Parish Council must be consulted on the way forward.  A proposed meeting is being arranged for all stakeholders to rightly have their voices heard. 

 I will continue to do as I have always done to support and fight for the matters that are important to our village.”

Last updated: 21st September 2021