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Date published: 3rd October 2020

North Norfolk District Council’s Coastal Management Team have been present in Bacton and Walcott this week clearing windblown sand from the coastal path and residential gardens along the sea front.

Following the gales last weekend, windblown sand covered Bacton and Walcott sea front. Norfolk County Council’s Highways Department and NNDC road sweepers cleared the majority of sand from the main road through Walcott and the Coastal Management, alongside local contractors have been attending to properties and the public pathway along the coast.

The operation, which is set to continue through the coming week, will involve the clearing of sand from properties.

Any local residents who would like Coastal Management’s assistance are advised to contact and the team will be in touch. A group of District Councillors also lent a hand on garden clearance this week.

NNDC’s Coastal Manager, Rob Goodliffe discussed the windblown sand and the Sandscaping Scheme in Bacton and Walcott.

See the full video interview below:

Last updated: 3rd October 2020