Date published: 4th September 2020

North Norfolk District Council is delighted to announce the re-launch of the popular Community Fridge in North Walsham.

Now located in the Community Shop on Market Street, the Fridge is part of a wider effort to tackle food waste. The aim is to ‘recycle’ good quality foodstuffs that local food outlets have as surplus, and the food is free to those who want it.

Mal Gray, Chair of Trustees for the Community Shop, said:

“It’s been lots of work to get the shop ready within four days. All the volunteers have been fantastic.  The Community Shop are proud to have been able to offer the Community Fridge a new permanent home.

After a short temporary break away, it’s here and back again with a permanent home and can be accessed by everyone to reduce food waste.

The Community Shop has a track record of helping all of the community here, and the Community Fridge is here to do exactly the same”

Discussing the day to day running of the service, Jamie-Lee Knighton, manager of the Community Fridge,

said: “Anyone is able to donate, whether it’s surplus from a shop or your household. [The Community Fridge] is here to stop food going into the landfill, so it doesn’t only help the Community, it also helps the Earth”

Cllr Nigel Lloyd, NNDC’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, added:

“I am pleased that a new location for the North Walsham Community Fridge has been found at the Community Shop. My thanks go out to the Trustees of the Community Shop who have worked hard to get the fridge up and running again in new premises.

Staff and volunteers did great work during the height of the COVID situation providing much needed food to those who needed it whilst preventing unsold food from going to waste.

Jamie-Lee will continue to run and manage the fridge on a daily basis with her band of volunteers and will be working closely with the Trustees and volunteers of the Community shop. 

To date, the fridge has prevented over 2 Tonnes of food going to waste which fits well with NNDC’s climate change objectives.”

Last updated: 4th September 2020