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Date published: 29th September 2020

The sandscaping scheme between Walcott and Bacton withstood a combination of high seas and strong winds over the weekend to help prevent a potential major flooding incident in the area.

North Norfolk District Council’s Coastal Manager Rob Goodliffe visited the area on Monday with Council Leader Sarah Butikofer to assess the situation after North Norfolk’s shoreline was hit by the highest seas at Walcott in 12 months and very strong winds.

He commented: “Although as expected the beach has lowered during the event, there is clearly a healthy nearshore bank just offshore stretching across the frontage, effectively breaking waves prior to them reaching the beach as intended.

“The sandscaping scheme has provided protection to the sea defences and communities as intended. If the scheme had not been implemented, I have no doubt there would have been overtopping of the defences and subsequent flooding.”

Windblown sand did cause a number of issues in Walcott, with Norfolk County Council’s Highways department working to clear the road and footpath nearest to the sea defences at Walcott Gap with a road shovel, before a North Norfolk District Council road sweeper will be employed to complete the task.

The District Council has also mobilised a team in the village to assist local residents with clearing sand from their gardens – if your property was affected and you need help, e-mail us with details at WalcottBactonSand@north-norfolk.gov.uk

A number of the storm gates which form part of the coastal defences have been blocked by sand and the council has employed a coastal maintenance contractor to ensure these will be cleared and operational this week.

Leader of the Council Sarah Bütikofer commented:

“I visited Walcott and Bacton during the storm on Saturday afternoon, and again on Monday with our coastal engineer. Working with our multi-agency partners we are now undertaking a clean-up programme in the area as quickly as possible.

"We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work through the plan we have put in place, and to those teams from other agencies supporting us in this effort.

“Whilst this situation is clearly upsetting for those local residents who have been impacted by the sand, almost everyone I have spoken to understands that this process will settle and that had the sand not been there we would have all been facing an even more difficult situation with the subsequent flooding we would be clearing this week.”

Last updated: 29th September 2020