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Date published: 29th April 2021

The Council will be installing some emergency barriers at the entrances to Pretty Corner Woods, to help secure woodland access in instances of heavy weather.

The barriers will be used for storms, such as those experienced in September 2020, which left parts of the woodland damaged and dangerous, resulting in the temporary closure of the Green Flag site.

Such closures are only considered when it is believed by the Countryside Team that there is a significant risk of extra damage to the affected woodlands or there is enough instability to pose a danger to any visitors.

The barrier will be installed on Friday 30 April. During the installation there may be some slight disruption to the car park, although it is not believed that this will affect visitor capacity.

Pretty Corner Woods will remain open for the duration of the minor works.

Colin Brown, Sports, Recreation and Countryside Manager said:

“Recovering from storm damage such as that seen last September can be a long and difficult process to undertake. These barriers will help us to manage this process in a much more efficient manner. We will also be installing similar gates at Holt Country Park in the coming weeks, and the intention is that these will only be used when it is absolutely necessary to do so”.

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Last updated: 29th April 2021