Date published: 14th December 2021

Please be advised that bin collections in North Norfolk will be on different days from usual due to the Christmas and New Year period.

Handy bin collection calendars for 2020/21 are currently being distributed to all households’ waste bins across the District.

Bin collections for Christmas and New Year

Normal collection day New collection day
Monday 20th December No change
Tuesday 21st December No change
Wednesday 22nd December No change
Thursday 23rd December No change
Friday 24th December No change
Monday 27th December Wednesday 29th December
Tuesday 28th December Thursday 30th December
Wednesday 29th December Friday 31st December
Thursday 30th December Tuesday 4th January
Friday 31st December Wednesday 5th January
Monday 3rd January Thursday 6th January
Tuesday 4th January Friday 7th January
Wednesday 5th January Saturday 8th January
Thursday 6th January Monday 10th January
Friday 7th January Tuesday 11th January
Monday 10th January Wednesday 12th January
Tuesday 11th January Thursday 13th January
Wednesday 12th January Friday 14th January
Thursday 13th January Saturday 15th January
Friday 14th January Monday 17th January
Monday 17th January Tuesday 18th January
Tuesday 18th January Wednesday 19th January
Wednesday 19th January Thursday 20th January
Thursday 20th January Friday 21st January
Friday 21st January Saturday 22nd January
Monday 24th January Normal collection resumes


You can check your bin collection dates online.

The recent bad weather may have meant residents have found their calendar to be damaged, or missing. Should you need a replacement calendar, or have any other enquiries, please get in touch.

Don’t forget to check what you can and cannot recycle, visit Recycle Now to find out how you can reduce waste this Christmas.


Last updated: 14th December 2021