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Date published: 9th February 2021

North Norfolk District Council’s COVID Support Officers (CSOs) have been present in towns in the district over the past month, helping businesses operate as safely as possible and to provide local residents with support and guidance.

Feedback has been positive, with businesses working constructively to implement safety procedures to keep both shoppers and employees safe. 

The CSOs have been present in the towns to provide guidance on issues surrounding COVID such as where to get support, food parcels or medication deliveries, or to advise on the current Government guidance.

Kevin Walton, lead Covid Support Officer for Sheringham was pleased with the reception from the public, saying:

“The reception has been very good, everyone is doing their part to get through this unprecedented time. People are maintaining social distancing and we have the one-way system outside. The shop owners have  been absolutely fantastic and are doing everything they can to maintain the safety of the residents”

Stephen Fulcher, proprietor of Dawn Fresh in Sheringham fed back:

“[The CSO] has been very good; the one we have in Sheringham is easy to approach and if you have any questions or queries he’s happy to answer them, and if he doesn’t know them, the next day he is back with the answer. I’ve found him very helpful and very supportive. If there are any recommendations he’s happy to talk them through and just remind you that if we all work together we’ll get through it.”

Through our collective efforts levels of infection in North Norfolk have fallen significantly from the 4th January when we had 442 cases or a rate of 421 cases per 100,000 population to 144 cases or a rate of 137 per 100,000 on 30th January.

The Council’s CSOs will be working across the District in the months to come to offer advice and guidance to local businesses, residents and visitors as the current lockdown restrictions are eased by Government, with the aim of keeping case rates in North Norfolk as low as possible. 

Over the course of the pandemic, the Council has received thousands of enquiries from local businesses since the beginning of the first lockdown and has maintained an officer presence to support their concerns.

Public Protection & Commercial Manager, Tracy Howard said:

“We have had officers go out to engage with businesses to give advice and support, which is working very well because they’re out and about all the time in all weathers to help the community.

Approach your COVID Support Officer, call us, visit our website, email us – we’re here to help you. There’s lots of resources out there and we want to share that good practice with you all and we can have a safe community here in North Norfolk”

To contact NNDC’s COVID support, call 01263 516000 or email nndccovid19@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Last updated: 9th February 2021