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Date published: 10th February 2021

Following the weekend’s weather and strong localised winds, some properties at Bacton and Walcott have been affected by wind-blown sand.

North Norfolk District Council’s Coastal Partnership East Team are preparing to assist local residents, beginning an operation to help clear sand windblown sand from properties that have been the most significantly impacted.

The Team will work alongside contractors and NNDC road sweepers once weather conditions improve in the area.

Cllr. Angie Fitch-Tillett, Portfolio Holder for the Coast, said:

“I have been in contact with the Walcott Parish Council Chairman over the weekend to get updates on this.

As soon as it is safe to do so, as an action of good will, the Team will assist with sand clearance on properties most affected. It is a far from ideal situation but I am so thankful that we are just clearing sand and not evacuating residents because of floods. 

My team is working with partners to establish how this may be eased in the future.”

The Bacton/Walcott Sandscaping scheme was completed in September 2019, the scheme better protects approximately 300 homes from erosion and 100 homes from flooding. Windblown sand is a part of the natural coastal processes on the North Norfolk coastline including Bacton and Walcott.

It was identified and publicised that windblown sand may be at greater risk in the first 18 - 24 months following the scheme. 

The Council is completing further work to understand if there are any feasible actions which may be possible to minimise windblown sand further.

Monitoring and analysis of the project shows the Sandscaping Scheme is delivering protection against flooding and coastal erosion.

Any local residents who would like to request assistance with clearing larger volumes of windblown sand are advised to contact WalcottBactonSand@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Last updated: 10th February 2021