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Date published: 22nd March 2021

North Norfolk District Council will light Cromer Pier up in memorial for all those in North Norfolk and the rest of the UK who have either died or suffered bereavement as a result of COVID-19.

The Council joins many local authorities and landmarks up and down the country lighting up buildings in yellow for Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection, marking a year of lockdowns and restrictions following the first lockdown on 23 March 2020.

The National Day of Reflection is a national campaign asking people up and down the country to take a moment to remember those who have unfortunately died of, or through complications relating to COVID-19. The theme of the remembrance is the colour yellow, with Marie Curie urging people to light candles, create art for windows or send flowers to someone suffering with bereavement.

The Pier will be lit up from 7pm to 10pm on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

North Norfolk’s first two cases were discovered 13 March 2020, and as of 16 March 2021, the District has had 2956 recorded cases and tragically, 187 deaths from COVID-19.

North Norfolk has been fortunate to have one of the lowest rates per 100,000 people of any local authority area in England. Much of this fortune is due to the diligence and hard work of our residents in maintaining vital COVID safety practices, such as staying home as much as possible, wearing face masks, regular hand sanitisation and maintain social distancing.

The Council is keenly aware how difficult this year has been for everyone, recognising the challenges the Districts’ residents have faced and the big changes that each individual has had to make to their day to day lives.

Cllr. Sarah Bütikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council said:

“This will be an intensely personal moment for me, and very sadly many others both here in North Norfolk and around the UK. Too many lives have been cut short and too many others bereaved.

Let us also remember today those who have also passed away in the last year due to unrelated Covid illness and their families, for whom this has also been an incredibly difficult time. There are still tough times ahead as the death toll continues to rise. But this annual day will give us all time to stop and reflect on this unprecedented loss, and to support each other through our collective grief as we move forwards.

Today and tonight, let us take hope and inspiration from the light around us that their memory will live on and brighter times are truly coming for everyone.

As always we send our heartfelt thanks to all those who have worked so hard to keep us safe and to help each other during these unprecedented times.”

Cllr. Christopher Cushing, leader of the Conservative group said:

“This is a fitting tribute to all those who have died or lost loved and friends over the last year.

We honour everyone in North Norfolk who has helped to combat COVID-19. These are the key workers and those who have supported others who have been at risk. We also salute all residents who have faithfully followed the Government’s guidelines to help minimise the spread of the infection.”

Cllr. John Rest, leader of the Independent group said:

“As Easter approaches it is an appropriate time to express our sympathies and condolence to all those that have suffered the loss of a loved one during these difficult times.”

Local photographers are welcome to come and take photos of the Pier in yellow, but are asked to please observe social distancing and national guidance on essential travel.

The Council has lit up Cromer Pier previously in support of national campaigns. The Pier has supported the Light it In Red campaign to support the Theatre and the Arts industry, and lit the Pier green in support of National Recycling Week 2020

If you would like to get involved at home, Marie Curie have information about how you can get involved, encouraging you to create your own art to display in your window, or display a candle or yellow flowers. For more information about how you can get involved in Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection visit their website.

Last updated: 22nd March 2021