Date published: 4th March 2021

This week marks the first ever Food Waste Action Week championed by Love Food Hate Waste.

NNDC wanted to take this opportunity to remind residents of the fantastic resource that is the Community Fridge, located in Fakenham and North Walsham, with another soon to be announced in Stalham!

The community fridges accept food donations that would otherwise go to landfill, sharing perfectly good food to the public to collect and use for FREE. Anyone can use the fridge, not just those in need, but those who simply hate to see food go to waste and anyone can donate.

So if you're a household, business or allotment owner and have acceptable food that you don't want to waste but have no use for, keep the fridge in mind!

We can accept:

✓ Sealed packaged foods

✓ Cheeses

✓ Fresh fruit

✓ Fresh vegetables

✓ Table sauces

✓ Pastry

✓ Unopened pasteurised milk and yogurt

✓ Unopened fruit juices

✓ Salads

✓ Fresh eggs (traceable Lion stamped

eggs with clean shells and a use-by


✓ Bread

 We cannot accept: 

×Cooked food from your home

or unregistered sources

× Unpasteurised milk

× Cooked rice

× Raw milk cheeses

× Pâtés

× Bean sprouts

× Products which could contain any of

the above ingredients

× Unlabelled multiple ingredient items

× Alcohol

× Products that contain alcohol

× Energy drinks

The fridges can be located at North Walsham Community Shop, Market Place, North Walsham and in Fakenham at First Focus, Oak Street.

Also check out Food Savvy for more information and food saving tips.

Last updated: 19th March 2021