Date published: 8th May 2021

Benches on waymarked trails in three of North Norfolk District Council’s Green Flag parks have been designated for local residents to sit at, should they want company, conversation or just to chat with another visitor to the park.

The premise is simple – if a visitor is open to having a conversation while they are sat at one of these benches, 

The scheme follows others up and down the country, wherein visitors can indicate they are ‘happy to chat’ to others by sitting in certain marked locations. The idea is to improve wellbeing, reduce loneliness and encourage friendly interactions among visitors to the parks.

Benches in Holt County Park, Pretty Corner Woods and Sadler’s Wood will all host a Happy to Chat bench.

The introduction stemmed as a result of the three national lockdowns, in which many residents (and frequent visitors to the park) may have gone days without speaking to another person.

Sports, Recreation and Countryside Manager, Colin Brown said:

“Given the current climate and what everyone has gone through in the last year, being locked away with a lack of social contact, now is the perfect time to introduce them.

Hopefully those who need the social contact will…take a seat and someone can come along and have a chat”

Part of the Council’s commitment to the upkeep of the Green Flag parks is to provide spaces in which local wellbeing can flourish, or find opportunities to use the beautiful woodlands to improve mental health of visitors.

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Last updated: 9th May 2021