Date published: 10th May 2021

The Council are asking local residents to provide contemporary mementos to fill a time capsule, which will be buried at the site of The Reef Leisure Centre.

The time capsule hopes to provide an archive of the project to construct the new building as well as a snap shot of the locality at the time of completion.

This will provide a record for a future generation to discover when the building comes to the end of its’ operational life decades in the future.

Local residents are welcome to join the local schools in Sheringham in offering items that best represent life in 2021 to the time capsule. Such items might include an up-to-date local newspaper, tourist map of the area or receipt displaying the costs of everyday items.

Please email any suggestions by 30 May 2021 to

The time capsule is limited by space, so smaller sized suggestions are advised.

The Reef, Sheringham’s new state-of-the-art facility, will open this summer. Find out more about The Reef, including what’s happening on-site on our website.

Last updated: 10th May 2021